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Wheel Assembliess
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Wheel Assemblies
AMT International offers wheel assemblies which are designed precisely and manufactured from effective qualitative processes. We offer wheel assemblies in a variety of configurations. These are qualitatively casted and are dynamically balanced which also ensure long life. The wheel asssemblies manufactured here are precisely designed and are of such a good quality that it can easily bear the lead of the crane or hoist and can keep it in a balanced manner. The assembly contains the embedded metallugical features for long life. We have the right equipment to serve our customers so as to help them in
running their operations efficiently. The crane wheel assemblies available from AMT International are in variety of configurations. The scope could be as simple as a Crane Wheel mounted on a shaft or as much as a complete Crane Wheel Assembly with bearings, bearing housings, a coupling and a gear. If needed, our engineers can also improve the features and strength of the shaft, coupling and gear if the application is prone to premature failures of those components.The assembly contains the TS6 Crane Wheel with the embedded metallurgical features for long life. The performance advantages are therefore maintained with increased wear life of both the Crane Wheel and the existing crane rail, along with improved vertical load carrying capability. The wheel assemblies manufactured are of high grade material that it helps to avoid all the defects that can cause problems in wheel assemblies. The cause leading to defects in crane wheel assemblies are wear of crane wheel flanges, bending of crane wheel flange, cracking of crane wheel flange, shifting of crane wheel on axle, failure of crane wheel bearing, breakage of crane wheel axle, spalling of crane wheel, out of round wheel tread wear, damage to crane wheel coupling and cracking of crane wheel. Our product overcome all these defects and helps in improvement of crane availability, reliability and lead to substantial reduction in maintenance costs.
Key Benefits of wheel assemblies are:
Cast Steel Crane Wheel.
Precision Ball & Roller Bearings .
Medium to Heavy Service.
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