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Ladle Cars
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Ladle Cars
AMT International supplies many different specifications of metallurgical vehicles and ladles. Ladle transfer cars are used to carry hot metal ladles to be fed into a pig or ingot casting machine, or for transfer within a plant.The main products include: iron transferring ladle car, motor-driven tilting slag ladle cars, sling tilting slag ladle cars, steel transport cars, steel ladle rotating cars, steel ladle cars, casting cars, steel ingot insulated cars, steel coil transport cars, industry and mining motor-driven flat cars and iron ladles, steel ladles, slag ladles etc. Most products have been formed systems. Besides,
our company can design and manufacture all kinds of vehicles and ladles according to technical requirements and parameters provided by client. Depending upon the application, ladle transfer cars can be driven by cable winch drives, hydraulic motors, electric motors, or hydraulic cylinders. Economy Industrial's ladle transfer cars offer heavy-duty design, to handle the impact loads from ladle placement by crane or rubber-tired carrier. For iron and steel plant operation, where metal is fed into the pig iron casting machine from torpedo ladle cars, Economy Industrial has developed proprietary control circuitry, which provides finger-tip control of the ladle tilt speed. These ladle cars can meet transport requirements of iron making, steel making and steel rolling under different conditions. The ladle cars manufactured by us are of better performance, loaded with latest technology, high quality material and more resistant to corrosion.
Salient Features of Ladle Cars:
It can meet transport require of iron making, steel making and steel rolling under different conditions.
It adopt CAD design. The intensity, rigidity and structure of key parts adopt computer finite element analysis and optimization design, make the design credibility more..
Adopt key technological equipments of numerical control lay off, hidden arc welding and carbon dioxide welding etc. It make sure the welding, manufacture quality require of vehicles and ladles..
Iron tilting cars have characters of tilting stably, location exactly, meet the requirements of desulfurize technics..
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